The Cogs of Bright Vistas

Bright Vistas is very privileged to have experts from various spheres whose contribution and guidance makes it an established care giver for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. They are an eclectic mix of people from varied backgrounds who are involved in the running of Bright Vistas to make it one of the best and the most recognised day care center in the business.

Meena Sivaraman

Masters in Child Development & Biography Counsellor
24 years experience in establishing and running day cares for children

Meena Sivaraman is the founder director of Bright Vista. Beside holding a degree in Masters in Child Development from M S University, Baroda, Meena has done her diploma in Counselling Skills from Banjara Academy, Bangalore. She is also a certified Human Biography Counsellor from the General Section of Anthroposophical Society, Dornach, Switzerland. A Cherie Blaire Foundation Scholar, her passion for children and her understanding of the dynamics of parenthood can be seen in every detail in the way Bright Vistas is run. Her zest for the job is infectious. She leads her team by example, filling her co-workers with enthusiasm and the need to be proactive.

She is a well-established Early Childhood educationist. Her expertise extends beyond, from being a columnist with the with ParentEdge, India's leading parenting magazine published by Prayag to being an Executive Trustee in Enfold, an NGO striving to prevent child sexual abuse; from teaching life skills and Anthroposophy at the Christ College to providing professional counselling to parents, children, teenagers, and adults.


Anand Shekhar

Anand Shekhar is an Associate Partner with McKinsey and company out of their Chicago offices. He has an MBA from Kellogg University, and works with large fortune 500 companies primarily in operations. He has been associated with Bright Vistas for over 7 years, advising on a pro-bono basis on their business strategy and operations."

Anand had this to say
"I am proud to be associated with the BrightVistas brand. Meena Sivaraman brings a unique blend of professional childcare development expertise with personal caring to the Bright Vistas organization. It has been my pleasure and privilege to serve the BrightVistas organization"

Susan Syriac

Susan Syriac has been advising Bright Vistas for the last eight years years now. As a mother of a toddler herself, she loves being involved in this amazing organization that provides care and develops young minds. A six sigma black belt, Susan brings unique perspectives on how operational focus can add value to providing consistent care. She is a Senior Consultant with Deloitte and has cross-industry experience, ranging from consumer, industrial, healthcare and public sector. Susan has an MBA from Ross Michigan.

Anupama Shekhar

Anupama holds an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and an undergraduate degree in Information Systems Management and Marketing from Singapore Management University. She has extensive experience in Product Management, Sales and Program Management across different industries including Consumer Banking, Technology and Education. She currently leads a team of Regional Managers at Microsoft to implement Computer Science Education in high schools across the Western half of the US.

Anupama is working with brightvistas on developing a long term marketing and brand management strategy

Daniel Gross

Daniel Gross is a healthcare business development and operations manager with over 12 years of experience managing teams and growing businesses in challenging environments. He currently serves as Hospital Operations Director for DaVita, a Fortune 500 healthcare company. Prior to DaVita, Daniel built several businesses in China and India. He received his MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 2015.

Daniel helps craft Bright Vistas' business development and partnership strategy. Daniel advises Bright Vistas on process improvement and performance quality for scaling the business.

Dr Sangeetha Sivaraman

Dr Sangeetha M.B.B.S, D.G.O, (DNB) is a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist who is on board Bright Vistas as a medical expert. She guides the day cares to maintain health standards, and strives to make Bright Vistas a safe and hygienic environment for the children. She has worked in both rural and corporate hospitals and focuses on integration of world-wide guidelines into relevant working models. She has been trained in neonatal emergencies and is on call in case of any medical emergencies that should occur. She believes that growing awareness of childhood illnesses is key and advocates preventive measures. Her vision is that all children alike have access to best health services that would enable them to reach their personal potential.

She is also physically fit, despite her busy schedule and has done over 10 years of yoga, was a Zumba instructor for 2 years and now practices crossfit. She believes physical exercise must be inculcated right from a young age and sport must encouraged and it creates a healthy mind in a healthy body.

* All our advisers work on Pro-bono basis
Our Staff

Bright Vistas has three main categories/ levels of staff -Helpers, Caregivers and Centre Managers. At present there are 4 Centre Managers who have earned their designation having made sincere efforts to learn and possess supervisory capacity. In recognition of their good work, five helpers have been promoted to the care giver role. Bright Vistas is proud of the staff, who routinely receiveappreciative, emotional and superlative testimonials from the parents. Our staff is given extensive and repeated training in First aid, personal safety, emotional health, food and nutrition. Our staff has a sense of pride and security in being part of Bright Vistas, as it gets all statutory benefits like ESI, PF, maternity leave and annual Bonuses. Every year they are taken for an out bound trip which they look forward to eagerly.

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