Our Philosophy


Professionalism is our hallmark. Bright Vistas is dedicated to support optimal growth and development of the children. Roles and responsibilities for the staff are well defined within the system to bring in clarity. The processes followed are in place and are further fine-tuned in its day to day functioning. Exceptions are made in the routine followed to cater to the unique needs of children and mothers, if necessary.

The program at Bright Vistas is inspired by leading developmental psychologists like Piaget, Howard Gardner, Noam Chomsky, Maria Montessori and Rudolf Steiner.

Child Friendly Holistic Approach

Bright Vistas is modelled to provide a child friendly holistic approach to our childrens progress. Play is an integral part of the routine as it holds the key to learn various concepts effortlessly. Language development and expression is encouraged.

At Bright Vistas, our commitment is to raise socially responsible children. We are multi-cultural and respect all faiths.

At Bright Vistas, we propagate hands on parenting and this influences the experiences each child receives through the day. We work towards developing the socio-emotional capacity which fosters in our children the ability to create and maintain strong relationships.

We are committed to offer tender love and care to children below one year. In the toddler years, we are loving but firm.

We understand that young children can be cranky on some days. All care givers and helpers are trained to be sensitive and responsive to various temperaments each child may possess.

A zero tolerance policy for any physical punishment or hitting is followed. We use positive disciplining to teach children appropriate behaviour.

We at Bright Vistas completely appreciate the fact that the process of physical development is set into motion in early infancy. We understand the variance in children reaching developmental milestones. This is reassuring to the parents.

Our days are designed to expose children to sunlight so that they get ample Vitamin D and Calcium.

We adhere to a strict no bottle feeding policy to avoid 80% percent of infections as advised by paediatricians. We educate parents about the ills of formula foods.

Partnership with Parents

We follow an open-door policy. Parent meetings are held once every three months. These ensure trust. Partnership with parents offers solutions to achieving work life balance in varied circumstances. We welcome inputs and ideas that can be incorporated to bring in excellence in our functioning depending on its feasibility.

Parenting workshops are conducted from time-to-time and individual counselling is offered, if required. Guidance and referrals are also offered depending on the need. We extend support to families if and when they have challenging circumstances.

Organic Well Defined Spaces

At Bright Vistas, we offer organic well defined spaces. We devote ourselves to making the ambience at our centers an extension of home and family and very importantly, to be happy and comfortable.

Most of our day cares are non-air-conditioned to provide healthy natural environment. We prefer to be located on the ground floor. Located in lush green surroundings, our spacious, well stocked day care centers provide for optimal nurturing.

Our indoor and outdoor spaces are free and uncluttered, and, are under Camera Surveillance.

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